Profiling System design and smooth edges Rounded windows and swing-through windows or 70 mm oscillators. Of depth and 5 inner chambers in leaf and frame. The profiles of frame, leaf and transom, thanks to its resistance, high watertightness, easy elaboration and long life, allow to manufacture elements of different dimensions.


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Features . The wide and resistant galce, allows the placement of glass of up to 42 mm in any type of sheet, that next to its axis of fitting of 13 mm makes possible the positioning of security marks bolted to the metallic reinforcement.

Energy saving. The double system joins 70 mm. Is the ideal solution for new construction and renovation, in homes, hotels and public buildings, for its adaptability in shapes and colors.

Thanks to its 5 chambers, these profiles have an optimum thermal performance, to the extent that they can generate annual energy savings of more than 25% in air conditioning costs thanks to a transmittance of only 1.3 W / m2K. They can even reduce consumption by 15% compared to wood joinery.

In this way, they ensure compliance with the limitations of thermal transmittance and interior condensation of doors and windows required in the Building Code according to the climatic zones of each country.


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Noise Isolation. Exposure to noise as well as causing discomfort can damage your health. Windows manufactured with VEKA profile systems can significantly reduce outdoor noise, providing maximum comfort inside the home.

Minimal maintenance. VEKA profile systems require minimal maintenance, cleaning only with soap and water. The high quality of the PVC used in their manufacture, make them especially resistant to external agents such as solar radiation, humidity, corrosion, insects, environmental pollution, etc.

Greater security. The robustness and thickness of the profiles used in the manufacture of Double Gasket 70 mm, classifies them as class A according to Standard UNE-EN 12608, thus fulfilling the highest quality standards, and achieving lengthening and improving the operation of the window during Throughout its useful life. In addition, the possibility of incorporating safety fittings and / or special glasses guarantees greater protection against unexpected safety situations.

Color and design. The Softline Double Board 70 mm system. Is available in special colors to order, including smooth or metallic shades, wood of smooth or textured surface finish, in line with the new architectural trends, combining style and differentiation in each project.

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